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Party dresses for women in the wedding party

wedding dresses and other special occasion dresses

Party dresses for women in the wedding party

Many people have had the experience of the wedding, whether you are participating in girlfriends, classmates, friends, or ex-boyfriend’s wedding, do not forget that you need to dress well, so what to wear will be good?
green bridesmaid dress

Photo credit: Knee length green bridesmaid dresses

Lightweight style
It is shoulder not dress to casually to attend the wedding party, with more and more choices for the wedding venue, the formal is also very streaky. If you are invited to attend the outdoor wedding, such as beach or garden, you can wear lightly, high heel and suit are not considered it. But lightweight style is not means that you can wear pants or running shoes. Ladies can wear light and simple dress or skirt, with flat shoes. Men wore T-shirts lined with casual pants.
Floral Color block Mini Sweet 16 Dress with Bow and Beading Details

Floral Color block Mini Sweet 16 Dress with Bow and Beading Details
Cocktail style
You can imagine that you are trying to attend the celebrity cocktail parties or banquets shuttle, dress is also need to be cautious. Stylish and elegant is the reception tip for ladies, men wear in dark suits to highlight their mature and confident side.
red wedding party dressesLong mermaid red wedding party dresses
Grand style
This form of dress is commonly seen in the West, to wear the most solemn dress to attend the event. Men will be wearing a tuxedo; ladies wore floor length skirt.
fashion wedding party dressesTrendy style
With the time changing, in reality, many people do not to wear too grand to attend the wedding party, they will wear fashion dress to the dinner. Generous and type dress is fits for dinner, of course, fashion does not means avant-garde fashion, however, do not try to fancy dress or hairstyle appeared odd, then the audience’s will focus to your body.


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